MGO Behind the scenes

Family business

MGO is still one of those genuine Dutch family businesses! What started off in 1989 as an outdoor clothing adventure has grown to become an industry leader in casual clothing aimed at a large target market. Father of the family Jan van den Berg started the company because of his pure passion for waxed outdoor clothing. At the time, there were a multitude of options and quality grades. Jan was convinced that he could apply his vision and knowledge in this field to bring about change that would result in a line of high-quality clothing.

Today, the authentic waxed product has been reinvented with the help of new materials and insights and is now a pliable and comfortable product. At the same time, prices have become more attractive thanks to improved production techniques devised in close cooperation with our manufacturers.

The company is currently managed by daughter Margot. She has further expanded the collection and has rolled out a clear marketing strategy known as MGO “Top of Mind”. Brand perception, comfort and quality play the main roles in this strategy. Would you like to know what we’re about? Then take a look at our “Stores” and experience MGO Leisure Wear for yourself!

Margot van den Berg

Great that you’d like to share my passion! Hopefully it will inspire you too! You see, MGO is a genuine family business that has filled me with passion from a very young age as a result of the enthusiasm with which my parents ran the company. My father founded this company 25 years ago out of his own passion for outdoor living and outdoor clothing. At the time, it was still a clothing sector reserved for horse-riding enthusiasts, hunters and dog owners. But now, thanks in part to our efforts, this clothing is accessible to a wider audience. While Wax used to be known as ‘heavy and rigid’, it is now pliable, light and ideal to wear as casual clothing.

When I took over the company from my father, I set about putting my newfound zeal to work. To me, creating brand awareness and having a clear formula, attractive outlets and a wide range of clothing, shoes and accessories are crucial to the further expansion of our company.

As an organisation, we are currently working hard on defining our brand, our logo and the desired customer experience. It’s great to see that our chosen strategy creates unexpected opportunities and that the market responds to the developments and approach that we have selected. This makes me even more enthusiastic, and you will see this enthusiasm in our clothing. We are rapidly expanding our range and our brand is becoming more of an expressive product with a clear identity and logo that I hope will also appeal to you.

Finally, we like to keep surprising you… so make sure that you visit one of the outlets where our brand can be seen and bought!

Design & Styling

The Styling Team

To bring the world of MGO to life and to inspire you, MGO has a professional styling team. Every week, these ladies work hard to make sure that there is – and remains – a large degree of product exposure in the outlets.

The Styling Team

Our stylists are qualified professionals who manage to convey the MGO feeling and brand perception in an extraordinary way in the displays that we design and maintain with our stockists. We frequently meet in order to acquire and share knowledge so that we can stay at the forefront of our industry and follow an innovative approach in order to continuously surprise and excite you.

From design to end product

Made in Europe

MGO clothes are not just any old garments. Every item is meticulously designed and produced under our control and according to our own quality standards and brand perception. Quality is our number one priority!

Made in Europe

Every factory that manufactures on our behalf complies with European legislation and regulations and, in all aspects, provides good working conditions for employees who work on our clothing. Ensuring the enjoyment and involvement of those working on our products is the only way of guaranteeing consistent quality. And, as a result, the product that you buy is honest and sustainable.

Made in Europe

Most of our clothing is manufactured in England, Ireland, Scotland and Portugal. It is specially produced according to our own designs, patterns and quality standards. This means that you will always be wearing a unique garment, a garment that will make you stand out.

A peek through the photographer’s lens!

We handle our own production, so why not handle our own photography?

As a Casual Outdoor brand, we are always on the lookout for extraordinary, inspiring locations that match our perception of outdoor life. This year, the moorlands around Gorssel formed the ideal location!

Location Gorsselse Hei

From a cool summery look under bright blue skies to snug autumn warmth with our stunning collection of woollen accessories and new waterproof boots. But, besides the eye-catching items from our MGO Leisure

Pauline Joosten

A rugged 4×4 and a gorgeous bicycle, 2 beautiful models, a director, a beautician, a stylist and an enthusiastic colleague to arrange refreshments! Armed with her camera and reflective screen, top photographer Pauline Joosten has created the most amazing images that are sure to appeal to your imagination too.